New project for Florence Art Bienal 2021, OCTOBER, 23-31

Imperfection and impermanence

Name:’I saw you bending on the balcony’

Ceramics, slips, glazes. 29x14x15cm

Name:’Misty Green’

Ceramics, slip, glaze. 14x13x13cm

Name: ‘almost saw your soul’

Ceramics, slip, glaze. 22x14x16cm

Name: ‘Alentejo sunset’

Ceramics, slip, glaze. 21x22x11cm

Name:’the Art of losing’

Ceramic, slip, glaze. 31x17x16cm

Name:’shade of green’

Porcelain. Natural green from wood firing

13×9. 5x10cm

Name:’heart on fire’

Ceramic,slip, glaze. 19x10x12cm

New project for Florence Art Bienal 2021

The new pieces are related with the subject “transience and impermanence“.

The main focus will be on hand carved vessels, with flawed, faulty, and weathered surfaces as opposite to our world of mass-produced goods and machine-like cities. coupled with a tendency to toss away goods once they become marked on the surface or begin to show other signs of aging. This quest for perfection creeps into every aspect of our lives, and eventually shuts us off from a natural world that resists being standardized.

Stoneware, porcelain.

Carved by hand using the kuninuki technique