CARVING The Future in Ceramics

GuilhermeFerias Ceramics

I am a potter/ceramist living in Portugal, Reguengos de Monsaraz, Alentejo region near Alqueva lake. 

Monsaraz and Alqueva Lake

My contact with ceramics start early in my boyhood with earthware ceramics. From what I can remember what attract me most was the kiln fire, in those times still using wood. Later almost all potters changed to gas kiln. I think today that was the repetition of pieces, always the same format by all potters, year after year, that never engage me doing earthware profissionaly.

Some years ago I discovered  wood kilns by readings about Japanese and Korean potters. What first strikes me was the aesthetic design of the ceramic piece but, above all, the daily use of that piece. They always aspire to joint art and function. That was something quite different from what I was used to know from my friends potters.

I begin learning ceramics chemistry with help of some well known ceramists, Tony Hansen , John Britt, Simon Leach. I also learn wheel thrown with a long time friend, who is also a master potter in earthware pottery, Mestre Tavares, based in São Pedro do Corval, near Reguengos de Monsaraz, my home town. In the last two years I have been testing glazes and clay bodies and developing one technique based in carved pieces, without the potter wheel.

All my pieces and glazes are handmade by me and I try to incorporate raw materials from nature, like rocks, clay and ashes.

I hope you enjoy my work!