I began learning ceramics’ chemistry with the help of some well known ceramists, Tony Hansen, John Britt, and Simon Leach.

I also learned how to work with the wheel from a long time friend, who’s also a Master potter in earth ware pottery, Mestre Tavares, based in São Pedro do Corval, near Reguengos de Monsaraz, my home town. In the last two years, I have been testing glazes and clay bodies and developing one technique based in carved pieces, without the potter wheel.

This technique provides spontaneity and immediacy,


discovering the piece during the process of making it. Beginning with a solid mass of clay, I use a metal and/or wooden blade to shape the exterior surface. I hollow out the interior by hand with a carving tool, a process known as ‘kurinuki’. This technique, in which a piece is dug or carved out of solid clay instead of being shaped on a potter’s wheel, is a process that allows me to intently focus on the inner shape.

All my pieces and glazes are handmade by me and I try to incorporate raw materials from nature, like rocks, clay and ashes.